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Assistant Agricultural Fieldman - Linda Boyd

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July 29, 2015 - Declaration of State of Agricultural Disaster within the County of Two Hills No. 21


2005 News:

The above average moisture in 2005 has provided our producers with good forage and cereal production throughout the growing season.  Harvesting of forage crops was challenging due to the constant showers we received in July and we are about two to three weeks behind in cereal crop maturity.  Insects have been a problem since we had heavy grasshopper infestations in the northern half of our County, with severe infestations in the northwest portion of our County.  Several fields were also sprayed for Bertha Army Worms in the Manville/Myrnam area.  There were areas that had 50+ grasshoppers per square meter, which defoliated most cereal crops and caused noticeable forage losses.

Due to above average moisture the disease levels in cereals and canola were high, but through our random sampling program we did not find any club root in canola.

Yields across the Country look good, but with the lower prices and higher input costs the bottom line will be the same, which means that the producer will end up just working harder to end up with the same or less.  This will not help the financial stress level of our producers who are trying to recover from the past year of BSE and off-grade crops due to last year’s bad-fall.

Since our roadside spraying program had many gaps due to the increase in canola and our sensitive crops, we are doing a second run in order to pick-up the areas that were missed this season.  There will be an extra cost for application, but it will give us a much more complete program.

The following are some of the 2005 Agricultural Service Board Projects:

  1. Regional Order/Drop-off Site for Strychnine
  2. County Wide Grasshopper Survey
  3. Random Crop Survey – disease and pests
  4. Farmers Appreciation Barbecue in Derwent
  5. Bertha Army Worm Moth Monitoring Sites
  6. Forage Variety Plots
  7. Agricultural Service Board/AESA Tour and Water Quality Tour
  8. Sprayed 708 miles for weeds and treated all winter brushed sites and corners
  9. North East Water Coalition and NSWS Members Also, the Agricultural Service Board dealt with numerous production issues and other agricultural issues resulting from a large number of foreign new producers in our County.