Two Hills Regional Waste Management Commission

Transfer Sites - Regulations and Guidelines


  • Non-hazardous household waste
    • Plastic
    • Cardboard
    • Food scraps
    • Paper
    • Garbage bags
    • Clothes
    • Tile
    • Drywall
    • Mattresses
    • Couches
    • Rubber mats
    • Wood material
  • Burn pit for all clean wood


  • Recycling of metal, tires, electronics, empty oil containers, oil filters and pesticide jugs
  • Collection of household hazardous chemical containers (Myrnam and Willingdon Transfer Sites only)
  • Collection of paint cans (Derwent, Hairy Hill, Myrnam and Willingdon Transfer Sites only)

Prohibitive Wastes

  • Large dead animals (larger than a dog)
  • Full automobiles, large machinery
  • Liquid waste (sewage effluent)
  • Hazardous industrial waste
  • Biological and pathological waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Oil, hydraulic fluid
  • Oilfield waste
  • Dry rubble (concrete, rocks, shingles, soil)
  • Loads that will not fit in waste containers


  • All loads brought to the Transfer Site must be tarped or secured to prevent waste from falling onto roadways
  • Waste emptied into waste containers at the Transfer Site should be in bags or contained to prevent waste blowing around the site
  • Follow Site Supervisor instructions for proper conduct at the site and placement of waste
  • No scavenging of material from household waste
  • Scavenging of recyclables allowed under Site Supervisor discretion
  • Burn barrels must be cold
  • Smoking near flammable material is prohibited

To comply with the Provincial Litter Control Act, ALL loads must be secured during transportation.  Loose loads must be covered, waste must be in tied bags or covered boxes, end gates must be used.  If a load is found unsecure, a Public Nuisance Charge will be applied.

Please help to keep our facilities and roadways to the disposal facilities clean.