Tax Installment Payment Plan (T.I.P.P.) Agreement

What is the tax installment payment plan?

The tax installment payment plan provides you the convenience of paying your property taxes in 12 monthly payments (November to October) instead of one annual payment.  There are no fees from the County of Two Hills for this service.

Advantages of TIPP

This allows the property tax payment to be spread over twelve months making the small amounts easier to budget for rather than one lump sum.

How does TIPP work?

Your most recent annual tax levy is divided by 12 to establish a monthly payment amount.  Payments will be adjusted in August to compensate for any changes in taxes resulting from a tax levy change.   When you receive your tax notice in July your future installments will be adjusted to reflect any changes in tax levy, ensuring your account is paid in full by October 31. Payments begin November 1 of the new tax year and continue for 12 consecutive months; last payment being October 1.  You can join this program if you have no outstanding balance owing.   All customers on this plan will receive a letter in October stating the amounts of monthly payments.

Payments can only be made by automatic withdrawal from an account at a financial institution.  All debits will be processed on the first banking day of each month. You must fill out an application prior to starting the program.

Withdrawal from TIPP/Missed Payments

You may withdraw from the plan by giving two weeks written notice prior to the next withdrawal date. County of Two Hills may cancel this agreement if there are insufficient funds in your bank account to cover the monthly installment amount.  County of Two Hills will notify you in writing of this and all unpaid taxes will be subject to penalty in accordance with Policy ADM-TAX 2.

Change of Account Information

If you change your bank account information you must advise our office in writing at least two weeks before the next payment withdrawal date.

What Happens if I Sell My Property During the Year?

If you are on the TIPP program and happen to sell your property during the year it is your responsibility to give us two weeks written notice before that withdrawal date to withdraw from the plan.  You are responsible for your portion of your property taxes during your time of ownership.

How Do I Apply?
Complete and sign the application and send it along with a sample cheque marked “VOID” or direct debit form from your financial institution and mail to:

County of Two Hills No. 21
Box 490
Two Hills, AB
T0B 4K0

If you have more than one property you must complete an application for each location.  We only require one void cheque if you are using the same account to make payments for all properties.