Two Hills Regional Waste Management Commission

About the Landfill

The County of Two Hills Regional Landfill Authority was formed in 1989 to operate the new sanitary landfill site.  This Authority included the County of Two Hills, Village of Willingdon, Village of Myrnam, Village of Derwent and the Town of Two Hills.  The new site, along with five transfer sites, were developed with the help of Alberta Environment in the form of a capital grant program that funded 100 percent of the cost.  The Regional Landfill site was selected in part because of compatibility of ground water analysis (over 100 wells were drilled to extract this information) and being centrally located to provide services to the entire County of Two Hills.  A site plan was created to ensure proper operations at the Regional Landfill as well as the five transfer sites.  All sites were designed to accept municipal waste and recyclables.  A scale house with shop area was built at the Regional Landfill site; a new 50 tonne scale and 953C track loader were also supplied with the grant.

In the late 1990s, the County of Two Hills Regional Landfill Authority moved towards a Service Commission and in the year 2000, the Two Hills Regional Waste Management Commission was formed (AR 49/2000).  Instead of being a department of the County of Two Hills, the Commission would operate independently.  However to keep costs from rising to fund new administrative staff, the County of Two Hills staff play a vital role in assisting the Commission with its work.

In 2006 the Commission purchased a side-load waste truck to provide the whole County of Two Hills with services that would benefit both rural and urban areas with waste pickup.

In April 2013 the Commission started a 10 year contract with the County of Minburn to provide waste pickup for the County of Minburn along with the Village of Innisfree, Village of Minburn and Town of Mannville.

As of March 2015, the Commission has completed 9 cells that contain approximately 81,000 tonnes of municipal waste.  The Commission has recycled approximately 900 tonnes of tires since 2000, 3750 tonnes of metal since 1990, 72 tonnes of e-waste since 2006 and 15 tonnes of batteries since 2000.